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Extension Goal & Focus Team Listserves

From this page, faculty can select and join any of the following mailing lists. Click on the links below to follow the steps required to join.

GOAL-ADMIN-L: Goal focus area team administrators

GOAL-ALL-L: All Goal focus area teams

GOAL1-L: Goal 1 focus area teams

GOAL2-L: Goal 2 focus area teams

GOAL3-L: Goal 3 focus area teams

GOAL4-L: Goal 4 focus area teams

GOAL5-L: Goal 5 focus area teams

GOAL6-L: Goal 6 focus area teams

GOAL7-L: Goal 7 focus area teams

Note that confidential or sensitive lists may be unlisted. If you know the exact name of the list you are looking for but could not find it on this page, try the unlisted archive form instead.