Salary Pay Plan

The 2010-2011 Tenure and Promotion Guidelines should be followed when preparing the packet, except do not use the T&P cover sheet. 

A copy of the guidelines may be found at:

  • No solicited external letters of evaluation should be included.

  • information should be included in the dossier for the preceding seven years only, 

  • Annual performance evaluations must be included.

  • ·     The attached IFAS Cover Sheet 2010-2011 must be used.

·     The original packet and 11 copies should be submitted to IFAS Human Resources on or before January, 12, 2011. An electronic version of the entire packet should be sent to by the same date.
(Your DED will have a date for you to submit for his evaluation.)

The DED must submit a letter to the deans ranking all the candidates from his or her District who are submitting packets and include a statement for each candidate explaining the assessment.  This assessment must be provided to the candidate by January 3, 2011.  The candidate has 5 days in which to supply a brief and concise response, which must be added to the SPP packet.  The packet cannot be forwarded to the next step until the candidate has responded or 5 days have elapsed, whichever is first.


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