County Extension Position & Candidate Process

Date Completed Action Required Form or Process Needed

Workflow for
Extension Agent Positions

  DED requests authorization from Associate Dean
to rele
ase vacant position
  DED and CED develop a position description. Sample position descriptions: CEDAg4-HFCSNatural ResourcesSea Grant
  Send position description for review to:
  • Program Leader
  • Department Chair
  DED and CED reviews and updates position description  
  Program leader reviews Position Description  
  Authorization to advertise vacant position by Associate Dean  
  Associate Dean approves posting by the last week of each month  
  Human Resources posts position by 1st of each month IFAS Human Resources County Position Listings
  Legislative Statues State Statute
  Document who will represent the County and request a letter from County on number of qualified candidates for the position from CED DED sends letter to CED or County Administrator Sample letter for number of candidates
  Human Resources Screens all applications and forwards all Qualified applications to DED  
  Candidate packages received in DED Office by the 14th of the month after closing  
  DED office assistant copies candidate packages and delivers to DED & CED
  DED and CED identify possible candidates and possible interview dates  
  DED contacts the candidate if they are interested and if they are a  
  DED calls on candidate's references with Legal Reference Check Questions Legal Reference Check Questions (Word doc)

(under review)
  DED contacts candidates to determine if available for interviews, shares tentative interview date, and answers questions Items for Discussion on Initial Call to Candidates (Word doc)

(under review)
  DED sends letter to candidates not chosen. Copies sent to Human Resource Assistant in DED campus office, Human Resource office and CED Candidates Not Interviewed (Word doc)
  DED office assistant checks calendars with all interviewers and prepares the interview schedule. (Keep County Commission dates in mind.) Sample Interview Schedule
  DED office assistant reserves appropriate locations and rooms on campus and if necessary in the County office Building and room schedule
  Interview Time and location offered and set for:
  Associate Dean  
  Program Leader *  
  Human Resources representative  
  *Other Interviewers  
  *If CED position, each discipline represented in county  
  Will there be a seminar in Gainesville?
Equipment needed:
Building and room schedule
  Will there be a local county seminar and interview?
Equipment needed:
 Building and room schedule
  DED office assistant requests salary models of candidates from Coordinator, Administrative Services Salary Prediction Model (.xls)

(updated 8-1-06)
  DED office assistant prepares schedules for interviews Candidate Itinerary (Word doc)
Interview Spreadsheet (Word doc)
  DED office assistant prepares and sends interview package to candidates including:
  • letter to interview
  • an interview schedule
  • map of Gainesville
  • itinerary sent
Interview Letter (Word doc)

(Mary Ann to update)
  DED office assistant prepares and sends candidate packages to all interviewers including:
  • Candidate Itinerary
  • Position Description
  • Evaluation Candidate
  • Potential Interview Questions
  • Package Sent by:  U.S. Mail, Campus Mail, or Fed Ex
Candidate Itinerary (Word doc)
Interview Evaluation Form (Word doc)
Behavior Based Interviewing (Word doc)
Potential Interview Questions (Word doc)
  Program Leader sends candidate schedule to specialists who may wish to attend candidate seminars  
  DED office assistant requests salary models of candidates from title formula here
  DED conducts interviews and seminars held on Campus. Information shared with candidate:
  • Special conditions
  • Degree confirmed
  • Salary model level
  • Determine possible availability
  • State/County Split
  • Must obtain masters with in the next 5 years
  • Must have Florida Drivers License
  • Outside Activities
  • Special County Requirements
Potential Interview Questions (Word doc)
Questions to Avoid (Word doc)
  CED conducts interviews and seminars held in counties if requested  
  Evaluation comments sent to DED the day of the interview  
  DED confers with Associate Dean and CED to rank candidates / salary model is reviewed and offer to candidate is agreed upon  
  If needed, DED calls on candidates' references with Legal Reference Check Questions Legal Reference Check Questions (Word doc)
  If County requires three qualified candidates, then DED sends letter to the County Board of Commissioners (or what ever process is required) for the selection process LOOK at this
  The top candidate is called by the DED to determine availability and make offer.  
  DED follows up with other candidates if needed.  
  If the candidate accepts, the following begins:
  Begin follow-up (New Hire Checklist) [add link for New Hire Checklist. look at South Central Web site.]
  Start Date:  
  State/County Split  
  Special Conditions:
  • Visiting Extension Agent
  • Must obtain masters with in the next 5 years
  • Must have Florida Drivers License
  • Outside Activities Sample form
Special County Requirements:
  DED sends "letter of offer" and addendum sent to candidate
Cc to:
  • Associate Director
  • CED
  • Program Leader
  • Department Chair
  • Human Resources, DED Office Assistant
  • Human Resources
See samples at right column
Master Offer Letter (Word doc)

Master Addendum Letter (Word doc)

Master Courtesy Agent new hire that has gone through UF process (Word doc)

Master Courtesy Agent new hire that has not gone through UF process
(Word doc)
  DED or their support staff completes Personnel Summary Form Personnel Summary Form

(need from Millie)
  "DED office" enters data into 250 form and emails DED that data has been entered with the correct start date New; goes to Charlotte for now
  DED tells Human Resources, DED Office Assistant why others were not selected. Sample Reasons:
  • Hired candidate is more qualified and has more experience.
  • Candidate not as qualified as candidate hired for this position.
  • Candidate hired has a Master’s degree, which is preferred.
  • Lack of Extension experience.
  DED sends letter to candidates not chosen
Copies to Human Resources, DED Office Assistant, and CED
Regrets Letter

(have Mary Ann review)
  DED office assistant inputs information into the IFAS Personnel Directory; verifies UF ID; and sets up, verifies, and records e-mail account. List web address here
  DED sends welcome letter and Human Resources, DED Office Assistant sends "Extension welcome packet" before start date and notifies District Faculty Welcome Letter sample
"Extension Welcome Packet"
  DED selects mentor and meets with the new agent during the first week of employment:
  1. Next new agent training session is recommended
  2. Share Mentor manual
  3. Share and discuss New Agent Orientation checklist
  1. New agent training schedule needed
  2. Mentor Manual link
  3. Orientation Checklist (.xls)