Promotion, Permanent Status & Mid-Career Packet Deadlines

  • January & February

    District Promotion workshop

  • March 23rd

    First draft due for Agents completing a Mid-career Assessment (3-Year packet)

  • March 30th

    First draft of Regular Promotion packets due to DED. Work with your DED on the process.

  • June 4th

    Final version of all Mid-Career Assessment packets (15 copies double-sided) due to DED. 15 copies double-sided due to Personnel on July 10, 2007.

  • May 25

    Final draft due to DED's office. Nothing accepted after this date.

    Suggested names, address and bio information* of references due to DED from Agent, out of state important. DEDs will request letters.

    * Bio references should include name, title, and narrative (4-5 sentences) about the individual, not how you know them.

  • June 8th

    CED and DED comments on final draft due back to agent.

  • June 22nd

    Final version of packet due in DED's office. Do not duplex. Contact your DED for dates and number needed.

  • June 25th

    DED will send request for Letters for References. Reference letters must be returned by July 20, 2007.

  • August 1st

    Packets mailed to counties for review and voting.

  • August 24th

    All votes due to individual DED offices. Responses of "abstain" or "did not vote" are not acceptable.

  • September 1st

    One copy without unit votes or letters of evaluation to Personnel Office.

  • September 17th

    DED Reference Letter to be completed.

  • October 1st

    Final packets due to Personnel Office:
    • 15 complete duplexed copies
    • IFAS Committee copies (10┬áIFAS + 6 V/P, Personnel, DED)

  • December 11th

    Original and 2 copies due to Personnel Office.